About Rocky Taumoepeau

Meet Rocky Taumoepeau

Who is Rocky?

Born on the island of Tonga, Rocky Taumoepeau is a veteran competitive bodybuilder of over 10 years. Rocky has over 30 years experience in personalized training as a former employee of Gold’s Gym, Scandinavian, American Fitness, and Pyramid before opening his own personalized training center.

After 20 years, Rocky’s is still the first choice in personalized training for health enthusiasts.

History with Kelly Pavlik

Kelly Pavlik Training with Rocky

Rocky has been training the current World Middleweight Boxing Champion, Kelly Pavlik, since his boxing career began. Rocky has been featured on ESPN and HBO and several worldwide publications as the official strength trainer of Kelly Pavlik.

Bodybuilding History

Rocky has competed in the following bodybuilding competitions:

Year Competition Place
1977 Mr. Utah Classic N/A
1978 Mr. Mountain America 3rd Place Middleweight
1979 Mr. N.E. Florida N/A
1980 Mr. Larry Pacifico’s Bodybuilding Championship Classic 2nd Place Overall
1981 Mr. VIP 2nd Place Middleweight
1982 Mr. Youngstown Bodybuilding Championship 1st Place Middleweight
  Mr. Youngstown Bodybuilding Championship 1st Place (Best Poser Overall)
  Mr. Western PA 3rd Place Light Heavyweight
1983 Mr. North Coast 1st Place Middleweight
  Mr. Minnesota State 3rd Place Middleweight
  Mr. Erie County 1st Place Overall
  Mr. Northern U.S.A 1st Place Middleweight
1984 Mr. Youngstown Championship 2nd Place Short Class
  Mr. N.E. Bodybuilding 3rd Place Short Class
  Mr. Men’s Ohio North District 5th Place Middleweight
  Mr. Intermediate Bodybuilding Championship 2nd Place Middleweight
1985 Mr. Gold Classic 2nd Place Light Heavyweight
1986 Mr. Junior Ohio 2nd Place Middleweight
  Mr. Ohio N/A
1987 Mr. Ohio Classic 4th Place Light Heavyweight
  Mr. Open Gold Classic Bodybuilding Championship 4th Place Light Heavyweight
1988 Mr. Northern USA 4th Place Middleweight
  Mr. Cincinnati Gold Classic 2nd Place Middleweight
1989 Mr. New Jersey Gold Classic 4th Place Light Heavyweight

Photo Gallery

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